Here are the manufacturers we proudly represent. Through working closely with our clients, we are thoroughly trained to bring out the best in every product. We provide smart on-site demonstrations and unique training seminars.


Ensemble Designs is revolutionizing broadcast technology with Avenue. Avenue is a tray-based signal integration system housed in a 1RU or 3RU frame. The Avenue system is completely customizable and includes dozens of modules to plug into the frame for all your broadcast needs! It includes features like video up/down conversion, audio embedding, synchronization, conversion, routing, noise reduction, protection switches, test signal generators and more!  Any combination of modules can be used together in the same frame. Using Avenue PC Software and Touch Screens, you can control and monitor every module from any location in the world. Front edge or local controls are also available for each module.

ALEON luggage and briefcases are designed with functionality, durability, security and style in mind. ALEON owners can be assured of a quality product made for the long haul. We are proud of the quality and workmanship of our luggage. We have partnered with a fabricator who has been shaping sheet aluminum for over 20 years. Our luggage is molded from aircraft grade aluminum alloy sheets and riveted for strength. ALEON is timeless by design and built to last. We don’t anticipate our product becoming damaged but in the event that does happen, we offer a limited 10-year warranty on our cases. Under normal use, if any part fails or breaks due to a material or manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace the part so that the case can be used as designed. All you have to do is get your case to our authorized repair center.

Gra-Vue is a leader in cutting edge broadcast equipment. With a proud tradition of constant research of advanced technology, Gra-Vue makes a wide variety of products for endless applications including video converters, audio processors, extenders, multi-image processors, and keyers.   Gra-Vue also offers a logo inserter, wall display controller, video delay systems, sync generator servers, digital video recorders, video & audio distributers, A/D signal converters, frame synchronizers and more!


Leightronix is an industry leader for consistently delivering high quality solutions for recording, broadcasting, and streaming valuable digital media content. Leightronix offers SD and HD video servers that allow for full automated control, from scheduling to storage and more. The video recorder/encoder line lets you capture video in the highest quality for any purpose. Leightronix also offers fully customized live, video-on-demand, and digital video content services.


The Portalis culture is one that prizes intelligence and innovation and The Bates Group is pleased to represent Portalis in New England! The pro-xi Workstation Integrator from Portalis is an entirely new concept, in fact a new breed of system, designed to concentrate many disparate computer systems onto a single display canvas, allowing a single operator to easily monitor & control dozens to hundreds of systems. The revolutionary pro-xi Workstation Integrator is changing the way organizations around the world interact with and manage their computer, network and video resources.

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SWIT ELECTRONICS specializes in developing and distributing the finest broadcast products. SWIT offers professional field LCD color monitors, studio LCD monitors, rack-mount monitors, on-camera LED lights and rechargeable batteries. They also carry Gra-Vue multi-viewers and switchers of several products lines. Whatever the product, we can show you how to make the most of it!

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